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About the Book

        The Legend of Buddy Bush is a story that takes place in North Carolina on Rehobeth Road in 1947. This story is about a twelve year-old girl by the name of Pattie Mae Sheals. Pattie Mae wants to move to Harlem where her sister is staying. It is Thursday morning, and today is the day when Uncle Goodwin “Buddy” Bush comes home from Harlem. Uncle Buddy dislikes the lifestyle of African Americans in the South. For example, them having to enter public places through the back door. Ever since Uncle Buddy’s arrival, life changes for Pattie Mae.

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Book Review

Although The Legend of Buddy Bush is a great book, there are some parts that we do not enjoy such as the details of Uncle Buddy’s relationship with Miss Nora. Nevertheless, this book is very interesting. We learn how African Americans were treated during the late 1940s in the South. At this time, many African Americans were trying to have a successful and productive lives, but discrimination, prejudice, and hatred made life for them much harder.

We recommend this book for sixth through eighth graders. We also recommend this book to students who have an interest in the struggles of people of color in the 1940s. The book may not be appropriate for younger readers because there are parts that are gruesome or scary. There also are parts of the book that contain adult-like content.

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